11 Things You Need To Do When Visiting Iran

If Iran wasn’t already on your list of places to visit in the foreseeable future then I would suggest re-writing that list NOW. Behold my definitive list of things you need to do when visiting this truly gorgeous country.

1. Visit the Pink Mosque

Having a year-long unquenchable desire to visit this mosque is the main reason I travelled to Iran. Without a doubt, the highlight of my trip. Be sure to get there early before anyone else.


2. Bow down to Persepolis

Once home to the Persian empire, this ancient site will leave even the most uncultured souls overwhelmed and in awe of history changing times past.


3. Get stupid lost in Yazd

Go to Yazd and get lost in the back streets. Trust me when I say that this is very good advice that you absolutely need to take should you find yourself in Iran.


4. Desert daydreaming

This country has a whole heap of deserts so no matter where you find yourself, you’re pretty much in arms reach of a few grains of sand.


5. Eat some local sweets

In need of a chow down? Get down to the local store where you can experience some traditional sweet eats. It’s also a good opportunity to have a goo at all the other weird stuff on offer.


6. Stay on the old silk road

Spending one night at the Zein-o-Din Caravanserai on the old silk road should be compulsory for anyone visiting Persia. Pull your sleeping mat onto the roof and fall asleep under the stars, bliss.


7. Isfahan

This unmissable city was my first taste of Iran outside of the capital Tehran. It exudes history from its pores and it’s also home to Beryani, the most drool-inducing Iranian dish I came across.


8. Get high

No, not that kind of high. The kind of high that will give you views like this one. I know I’ve already mentioned visiting Yazd but it’s architecture on high totally deserves a second mention.


9. Bazaar shopping

Iran is littered with hidden bazaars, in fact, you’ll probably find yourself walking past loads of hidden bazaars every day without even knowing. Take to the side streets and pretend to be a local.


10. Stay at the Kohan Hotel

Do you want to stay somewhere truly traditional? Somewhere that will allow you to live out your Iranian princess dreams? Look no further, here’s the place.

iran top things

11. Respect the dress code.

Iran is hot at the best of times. Unfortunately, regardless of the temperature, most bare skin needs to be covered when in public, even if that means wearing pants in the desert. It’s a total pain but something that should be respected.


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