7 Jaw Dropping Wild Atlantic Way Rentals

Here at The Travel Two we’ve got the bug so bad (travel, not vomiting), it drives us to every far-reaching corner of the globe. Sometimes, however, we like to poke around on home soil, and when we do – particularly along the Wild Atlantic Way – we always come to that ‘holy shit, Ireland is stunning’ realisation time and time again. Standing on the Cliffs of Moher on a clear, blue-sky day, you’ve probably had it too; as the wanderlust tempts us in every which direction away from the Emerald Isle, it’s easy to forget just how incredible our little island can be and if you’re looking for a getaway without the added expense of flights, you’re spoiled for choice right here.

Of course, the weather can be off-putting (not this week, mind) but with accommodation as slick as this, you almost won’t want to go outside. As we continue with our current Wild Atlantic Way obsession, here we chronicle seven of the most incredible Irish Airbnb options that deserve to be seen to be believed.

Oh Ireland, you big ride.

1. Catherine’s at Ross Castle, Galway

This gem is only 11 minutes’ drive from Galway city centre but it’s so charming and secluded, you probably won’t feel the need to venture in. The rustic, exposed stone walls and the indoor heated pool make for the most heavenly juxtaposition of the old and the new. No seriously; can we move in?

Web: Catherine’s at Ross Castle

Price guide: €56 pp/per night, 6 guests.

2. Water’s Edge House, Kerry

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better place that strikes the perfect balance between getting away from it all and there still being lots to do and a palpable atmosphere, than Dingle. If you fancy living like kings for a weekend and waking up to views of tranquil Dingle Bay every morning – all within walking distance of Dingle’s 56 pubs (and counting), you literally won’t find anything more luxurious.

Web: Water’s Edge House

Price guide: €42 pp/per night, 6 guests.

3. Luxury Private Island Villa, Mayo

Okay so maybe you still want to get off this island on to another one? We guess your own private island off the coast of Mayo will have to suffice. No joke; this place is all yours. We’re talking hot tubs, heated swimming pools, tennis courts and more. Between six of you for one weekend of insane, unforgettable opulence, you’d have to be tempted, no?

Web: Private Island Villa

Price guide: €133.50 pp/per night, 6 guests.

4. Mt. Corrin Blair’s Cove, Cork

On the subject of pools in Ireland, this Corkonian gem is the ultimate getaway. If you manage to nab it on a week like this, sure, you’d think you were in Spain. We’re loving the cottage vibes with the added luxury. Check out the kitchen too; why go out for dinner when you can whip a storm from the comfort of your own gaff?

Web: Mt. Corrin

Price guide: €78 pp/per night, 7 guests.

5. Spectacular Cliff-side Retreat, Clare

Even if it rained all day we’d probably want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on this deck with panoramic views. It’s a restored coastal cottage from the 1800s that’s so beautifully refurbished, you’ll happily batten down the hatches for a few nights.

Web: Cliff-side Retreat

Price guide: €50 pp/per night, 6 guests.

6. Private Castle, Clare

But why stay in a house by the Atlantic when you can stay in your own castle? This makes for the perfect staycation what with the castle’s own resident dogs, horses, and chickens to keep you company. Location wise, you’re super close to The Burren, the Cliffs of Moher and so much more.

Web: Private Castle

Price guide: €75 pp/per night, 4 guests.

7. Bed in Barn, Sligo

If all of the above has given your bank account a case of the sweats, let’s not forget the charming choices that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This place is so remote, it makes for the perfect digital detox (or romantic getaway). Leave your phones at home and, instead, recharge your own batteries by reconnecting with nature and drinking gallons of tea. Also, can we take a moment to high-five the price?

Web: Bed in Barn

Price guide: €39 per night, 6 guests.

Been to any amazing Irish house or castle or island rentals lately? Share below.

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