backpackers guide packing preparations

A Comprehensive Backpackers Guide: Packing & Preparations

How much will a year of backpacking cost? What should I pack? How do I plan my route? What visas do I need? How do I apply for them?

Over the course of the last year and a half, I’ve received hundreds of emails and social media messages asking various travel and backpacking related questions. And I totally get it! It’s a daunting prospect to hit the road to the unknown, possibly alone, with nothing but the bag on your back. Sprinkle a little doubt on top and you may end up too frozen with fear to actually follow through on any of your longterm travel dreams. I had so many questions before I left too and really felt there was nowhere to direct them. I couldn’t find a one-stop, clear resource that would guide me through everything I needed to know. So, I put together this comprehensive backpackers guide to packing and preparation. It’s based entirely on answering every single question I had before leaving, combined with every single question I’ve received from you since I left.

The guide is €9.95 and you can download it to your laptop or smartphone.
Keep it saved in your iBooks app or in the downloads folder on Android for reference anytime you need it.
Once you hit the download link you’ll receive via email, the file will open automatically on your screen, make sure to save it to your iBooks app if you plan on reading it more than once!



backpackers guide packing preparations

The first chapter covers every essential step for preparation, from visa planning to what travel apps to download.

backpackers guide packing preparations

The second chapter includes a list of every item I left home with and how I arranged them into my bags. It also covers how I packed for every possible climate and how I kept some semblance of fashion sense throughout the year.

backpackers guide packing preparations

If you want to know how I saved for my trip, how much it cost in total and how I broke that down into a comfortable daily budget, you’ll find the answers here.

backpackers guide packing preparations

Lastly, I took a selection of your most frequently asked questions and answered them as thoroughly as I could.
Some of the questions include:

➳ What was your full travel route for the year?

➳ Did you plan the entire route before leaving home?

➳ Did you work while travelling?

➳ Do you recommend travelling alone?

➳ How do you stay fit and healthy while travelling?

➳ How did you make friends as you travelled?

➳ What was your favourite country and why?

➳ The cheapest country you visited?

➳ How do you take your pictures and what apps do you use to edit them for Instagram?

And LOTS of others.

backpackers guide packing preparations



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