Indoor Glamping On The Edge Of Berlins Kreuzberg

The moment you arrive in Berlin’s Huettenpalast you will instantly feel like a kid again. Two neighbouring warehouses, filled to the brim with old vintage furniture, are home to a whole range of insanely unique spaces to sleep. From polished steel caravans to small shed like structures, the space will make your mind run wild.


Jan Brockhaus

We we’re beyond excited about our stay here and after all the bickering in the world we chose to stay in ‘After Palast’, a space that looked like an old church confessional box. Now I don’t know about you but when life presents me with the opportunity to sleep in a weird space I’m all over it, the weirder the better to be honest. On arrival we we’re informed that the wood from which our ‘confessional box’ was made is in fact salvaged wall paneling that had been saved from demolition when the new owners took control of the building. Clearly I was devastated that I wasn’t going to live out my confessional box slumber dream (which never actually existed before I found out about this space) but I soon got over it.

After opening the sliding door on the side of the box you’re met with a small space containing two beds which touch at the end forming an L shape. The physical walking space is as little as 7ft x 4ft, an incredibly tight squeeze. If this we’re any other hotel room or any other campsite in the world you would be in a wild rage, throwing your luggage against the walls like a complete spoilt brat but instead, somehow they have made it work. Basic but with the right amount of personality and clever use of under bed storage that makes you not only want to sleep there but use it as a hangout as well. Also, can you imagine the late night bants to be had playing confessions after a night out on the tear.


Every sleeping space had been personalised by a local artist so trust me when I say that it truly feels like you are sleeping inside an art installation. The communal toilets are ridiculously clean and they even offer a simple breakfast for a few extra euro.

Visiting during summer also means you get to hang in the garden which to be honest is reason enough to visit. The location couldn’t be any better, just a 3 min walk from Hermannplatz station on the edge of Kreuzberg. It’s not hard to see why we haven’t come across anything quite like Huettenpalast before now.


Jan Brockhaus

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